Be Supportive, Exploratory, As Well As Neutral And Unbiased

Everyday I am confronted with negativity, and people who are generally unhappy. Allowing this to affect me personally would have consequences on my life. Instead of growing angry, I have learned to take a neutral and unbiased position when speaking with others. This prevents me from getting upset by what is being said.

Certainly, adopting a neutral, unbiased position is difficult to do. To completely push your own feelings and opinions aside and concentrate on the message, is not an easy strategy to employ. To be successful, your verbal/written communication and actions must be genuine.

Being genuine means that, from a personal perspective, I identify the key points of the message being conveyed and I focus on what the other person is trying to accomplish. Once I have a clear understanding of their intentions, I seek instances from my own experience to relate, and then respond appropriately.

It is very important to resist every urge to interrupt the other person when they are speaking. Wait and respond only when an appropriate time arises. Use this opportunity to clarify the other person’s position and introduce your contribution to the exchange. Be supportive and exploratory with your response.

Being supportive and exploratory, as well as neutral and unbiased, will help you to find and focus on the common ground you share with the other person. This will build a positive relationship with your counterpart and easily identify a constructive path forward.