Short-listed My Investing Choices To Containers, Real Estate

It has proven to be much more difficult to find investments for retirement than I thought it would be. It has taken a lot of patience, a lot of effort, and a lot of perseverance to uncover viable options. The good investment opportunities certainly do not jump out at you and yell “pick me, pick me!”

My attention has been focused on finding income generating investments that will supplement my retirement pension and savings. I need something that provides a steady monthly return, but has a very limited exposure to risk. After reading through countless investors interviews, reviews, and testimonials, I have made a short-list of my choices for investment to two: shipping containers and real estate investments.

Shipping Containers

When investors invest in containers, they are investing in what is known as a hard asset. These are tangible items that can be seen and touched. Because of this, they are a favorite among investment seekers.

As a shipping container owner, your assets are leased to international shipping companies, with the help of a container leasing company. Based upon the monthly lease revenue generated, you earn a residual income from your investment.

Real Estate

A real estate investment is similar to shipping container investing in that it is a hard asset and can generate a monthly income for investors. This consistent revenue is very appealing to investment seekers.

With the help of a property manager, just like the container leasing company above, investors can maintain their investment and find tenants to rent their properties. This, like cargo containers, will provide a residual income for the property owner.

The search for investing options that will ensure I enjoy a stable retirement has taken me around the world. I have spoken to novice and expert investors, as well as institutional representatives, and the theme and tone is consistent. There are risks associated with the stock market, and bonds are performing poorly, so investors are eager to find alternatives to traditional investments.