Reinvest Income Generating Investment Profits To Build Wealth

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I am a little behind on my saving and investing for retirement. This past week I spent hours looking at investments that could help me make up for lost time. Topping off the list of options that piqued my interest is investing in shipping containers.

First introduced to me in mid-October of 2017, shipping container investments appealed to me for two simple reasons; they are hard assets and the containers generate income for investors. For me, the fact that it is a tangible item is appealing, and the income generated can be reinvested into more containers. I believe this will help me make up for lost time and my minimal savings.

Investing in hard assets, like a shipping container, appear to be emerging as a new investor favorite. In the past though, these were hard to come by and there was not much activity with these “alternative investments.” But, since the financial crisis, investors have been looking for other options to replace the traditional investments they are holding.

Earning an income from investments presents an opportunity to reinvest to generate more income. Although some people may choose to supplement their paycheck with the money, I am choosing to put it back into containers. Here’s why … according to a gentleman’s comment on my “It Is Difficult To Find Investments For Retirement” post, he earned more than $70,000 in three years at a +20% rate of return. If he had reinvested the income he earned from his container investments, he would have (potentially) doubled his initial investment in just five years!

If you are like me and are playing catch up with your investing and retirement savings, reinvesting the profits from income generating investments is (in my opinion) the best strategy for building personal wealth very quickly.