Investments That Deliver Income Offer a Financial Advantage

I have said it before, and I will say it again; we all deserve to be financially stable during retirement. Who wants to worry about the performance of stocks and bonds, while baking holiday desserts or playing with their grandchildren? Not me, thank you. In fact, I have made it my personal goal to choose only investing options that offer me freedom from stock and bond worries. The fast pace of the world’s stock markets is certainly no place for a cautious, amateur investor like me.

Another important criteria I have recently included in my investment search is income or revenues. In an earlier discussion about Davenport Laroche, I was introduced to an income generating investment – shipping containers. The idea of having investments that pay a monthly return, and supplement retirement income, is very appealing to me. I would think it might be to you too. Especially if you are behind on your retirement investing like I am.

Above all, when researching investments for retirement, I have learned that investment seekers must carefully consider the risks versus the reward. Certainly, income producing investments are appealing, but what is the risk associated with them? Hard assets, for one good example, are tangible items like commodities and collectibles that can be seen and physically touched by investors. These investments pay great returns and, in my mind, are considered lower risk than investing in overvalued stocks and bonds.

When choosing investments for retirement, I have discovered that the most important criteria for a great investment are: low risk and generate income. If you can populate your portfolio with investing options that deliver revenue, and do so with very little exposure to risk, you have a financial advantage. Use this leverage to build wealth, reach your investing goals and enjoy your many years of financially stable retirement.