It Is Difficult To Find Investments For Retirement

I have to admit I started saving and investing for my retirement late in life. For years it was something I put off for another day. Now I find myself struggling to find investments for retirement.

It would be interesting to know if I am the only one who is experiencing a difficult time. I am not sure if I am setting my expectations too high, or if I am looking in the wrong places. I expected things would be difficult, but meeting my criteria seems nearly impossible.

Suggestions from others, about where to find investments for retirement, are always welcome. But, whose recommendation can I trust? I am afraid that here are shysters, and financial predators around every corner.

Following the suggestion of a close friend have begun to research an appealing option from a company named Davenport Laroche. They are a container leasing and investment company from Hong Kong. The idea is that an investor purchases shipping containers and then leases them out for a monthly profit.

According to the company’s website, leasing containers is like renting an apartment.

It is similar to the process of renting an apartment. Just think of it, you rent it out and receive the rent every month; deposited into your bank account. The only difference is: you don’t rent it to a family or a student; you rent it out to the world’s biggest companies.” – Davenport Laroche

This opportunity sounds ideal for investors, like myself, who need to find investments for retirement. There is an acceptable amount of risk, and it delivers a good income month after month. BUT, I would like to hear more from other investors who have invested with Davenport Laroche.

If you are investor with the company, or know someone who is, please ask them to share their experience with me. In particular, I would like to know if the returns are as favorable as reported on the company’s website.

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  1. I have also been looking for “alternative investments”. Shipping container investing was one option I was considering. It would be interesting to hear from someone about their experience with the company you mentioned.

    1. Agreed Donald. I am hoping that someone reading this post will know something about Davenport Laroche. I will keep you updated if I hear anything.

  2. Hello Ginette.
    I also have waited too long to begin investing for retirement. I had not considered earning an income month after month. If the Davenport Laroche thing works out, I’d be interested in learning more. Please keep me posted as well. Regards.

    1. It’s nice to hear I am not alone Colleen. I have not yet decided to invest with Davenport Laroche. I am still waiting to hear more feedback from current investors. Any updates I will pass along.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I have invested in containers with Davenport Laroche but for the last few months i did not receive good money. They told me it is because my containers are in a wrong place so they don’t give good returns. I don’t believe them because I got good returns before – more than 20%, now it’s less than half of that.

    I asked them to sell my containers to get my money back but they said the market price is less than what I paid. They said they will come back with a good price but what they gave me is nothing. It is a shame!

    Also apparently i need to wait for them to be OFF HIRE !!!!! but it seems they do not work because the return is only 100 USD a month. Why should i wait for them to be off hire i know the company doesn’t want to pay me that is all ! How I can escape?

    Here is my email to Davenport Laroche

    Edward Smith email to Davenport Laroche

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Edward!

      Are you saying that the company is not paying you at all, or are they not paying as much as you’d like? It seems from your email that you were getting close to 20%, and now you are getting around 10%? Also, your investment is currently earning you $100 per month?

      I would really appreciate it if you would keep us updated.

  4. Oh my Edward! Have you heard back from the company since your email? Also, I was wondering if you could take a moment to answer Ginette’s questions above. I too am considering an investment with Davenport Laroche, but am sitting on the fence for the moment.

  5. Hi everyone,

    As of this moment I have not heard from anyone at Davenport Laroche. NO RESPONSE to my earlier email!

  6. Look at these bastards, they only send extracts of contracts, no apologies, no explanation about poor returns. And they say my comments are defamatory.


    davenport laroche email 1
    davenport laroche email 2
    davenport laroche email 3
    davenport laroche email 4
    davenport laroche email 5
    davenport laroche email 6
    davenport laroche email 7
    davenport laroche email 8
    davenport laroche email 9

    1. Thank you for sharing the information. However, I am finding it VERY difficult to read some of it. Can you make it larger?

      What I could read though was that over the last three years you earned $73,000 from your containers.

      1. Hi Ginete. Try zooming to 125%. The pictures I made are bigger than that. I don’t know what happened.

    2. Thank goodness Davenport Laroche emailed back. I must give them credit for a thorough and timely response. According to Davenport Laroche’s email above, you earned more than 20% return over the last three years. Please remind me Edward, what was your original complaint?

    3. Hello all! Am I the only one confused by this? Edward claimed he was receiving poor returns from Davenport Laroche, but the company claims Mr. Smith made 20.95% which has translated to more than $73K in revenue for him. I for one would be happy with this. I am with JP, what was your complaint Edward?

      1. Hello Colleen. I think Edward’s frustration, despite earning almost 21%, originates from the fact that his returns are not what they once were. Davenport Laroche’s response, from what I have read above, is ” You [Edward] may not always earn as much as you want, but you have always made money and been paid.”

        So, to recap: earnings to date of $73000, rate of return of 20.95%, and ALWAYS been paid.

    4. Hello All. Today I decided to call Davenport Laroche and ask them some questions myself. From my perspective, the only real complaint is with the fluctuating rate of return; which (according to Mr. Smith) averaged +20%.

      With regards to the varying rate of return, Davenport Laroche told me that “investing in shipping containers is a business opportunity, not a financial product. Therefore, returns are not guaranteed and the rates will fluctuate with demand.”

      Still considering the offer, but not sold yet.

  7. I am with you Colleen; the best answers will come from Davenport Laroche. I think I’ll call today. $73000 in 3 years, 20%+ returns; I’d like to hear more from someone other than Edward.

    1. Hello Donald. Please update us with any new information you get from Davenport Laroche. It would seem that Mr, Smith has nothing more to add to his argument.

      1. Ginette, my conversation with the representative at Davenport Laroche went well. I had her send me some additional information, which I am reviewing now. From what I have read so far, the opportunity is straightforward; you own containers, lease them to Davenport Laroche, and collect a monthly revenue.

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