Alternative Investments Avoid Bond and Stock Market Risks

The search for investments has taught me a great deal about identifying and choosing investing opportunities. Above all else I have learned that – for the moment – traditional investments are risky and that, with an increased frequency, alternative investments are replacing them in investors’ portfolios. To me, this certainly signals a big drop in investors’ confidence in stocks and bonds.

I know that from a personal perspective, the notion of investing in risky investments is not consistent with my investment strategy or my investing goals. So, because of this, I choose investments that will perform well regardless of what happens in the bonds or stock market. For most investors, like me, alternative investments appear to satisfy this criteria very well.

My first introduction to an alternative investment was shipping container investing with Davenport Laroche. Pursuing this low risk option requires an investor to purchase a hard asset – a shipping container, lease it to international transport companies, and collect a monthly return. Some people compare it to a real estate investment.

Aside from shipping containers, there are other alternative investments in the marketplace, that can offer an opportunity to avoid the perils of the bond and stock markets. If you come across one of these alternatives, do not immediately discount it. Carefully consider the opportunity. Most options you would generally overlook will perform well against interest rates, inflation, stock drops, and financial crisis.

With all of the traditional investment alternatives available to investors, there is no reason why investors should still feel compelled to allot a significant portion of their portfolio to stocks and/or bonds. For more than a decade, alternative investments – like investing in shipping containers – have performed extremely well in the face of economic and financial upheaval. For that reason, in my opinion, they deserve a spot in every investor’s portfolio.